Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I realize I am a little late posting this week (Hey, it's still Wednesday), and yes I have taken the past two weeks off.  Life happens...we will leave it at that.  Hope you enjoy the latest installment, and will check out the other flashers--links follow.

This weeks prompts: “The game is afoot!” or “Feet don’t fail me now” or feat of strength or alligator, clip, residue or use a storm in some way or “You are the wind beneath my wings” or “Come sail away” or “Please pass the…” or find a creative use for mayonnaise or make a My Favorite Martian reference.

Bane (3)
"I see you've been to the quarry again," Uncle Jamie said as I walked through the kitchen door.
He stood at the sink washing lettuce he had probably gathered that morning from his garden.  I plopped down on the barstool beside the island in the middle of the kitchen floor.  "What makes you say that?"
Uncle Jamie does not respond.  He simply rolls his eyes as he looks at my naked body from head to foot.  "If you expect to eat dinner here, you better go put some clothes on, young man.  Kevin will be home soon, and I don't need him staring at you all night."
I reluctantly gave in, and headed to the laundry room off the kitchen.  Although I officially lived in the big house over the hill, I spent more and more time at Uncle Jamie's.  I felt more comfortable sleeping on his couch than I did in my own room. Uncle Jamie was one of the only members of my family to actually get out of this place for a time, and secretly he was helping me get out as well. He had always been my favorite uncle, and it was Uncle Jamie I ran to the night my brothers found me in the barn with the Felts boy three years ago.
* * *
Everyone in Connor's Gorge works for my family in one way or another.  All of the "able bodied" men and boys work in the coal mines my family has owned for over a hundred years.  Most of the families live in the gorge, and the buses travel from the mines every morning to pick them up, and then again at night to drop them off.  There are those who are allowed to remain in Connor's Gorge if they are unable to work in the mines, but they are a few.  Jeremy Felts was one of those few.
My father had been best friends with Jeremy's dad when he was growing up. Jeremy was born blind, and the Felts feared what Grandpa Connor would do.  Dad persuaded Grandpa Connor to save a place for him to work, taking care of the horses when he was old enough.  Jeremy was three years older than me, and I never understood why people always looked at him with such disgust. No one saw any reason for Jeremy to attend school. There was no one in the Gorge who could read or teach him braille, and Grandpa wasn't going to allow a teacher to come from the outside.
Jeremy moved into a small room at the back of the barn when he was ten.  He would spend his days with Mister Jake, the man who took care of all the animals. Jake's wife would fix Jeremy meals, but they did not want him in their home. I never really noticed Jeremy, although I spent a great deal of time playing and hanging out around the barn when I was younger.  He was always around, quietly doing his work, but I never took much notice of him.  When I was fourteen that changed.
It was a hot summer day, and I was headed to the quarry for a swim.  I went down to the barn to get my horse, and was greeted by a shirtless Jeremy.  I had noticed my attraction to men growing for the past couple years, and had played around some with a few of my cousins, but this was the first time I felt feelings this strong.  I started hanging out around the barn more and more that summer. I would lay on a blanket in the hay loft, and read to him from my text books while he worked.  He would quietly listen, and occasionally ask me questions, but nothing sexual happened between us for almost two years.  I attempted to initiate things with him occasionally, but he would politely shut me down.  Jeremy always made me go home before Jake's wife dropped his dinner off at the barn.
An unseasonably warm spring evening toward the end of March, the horses started acting up.  No matter what Jeremy did, they would not settle down.
"What's wrong with them?" I asked.
"I don't know," he replied, "It could be the full moon, or maybe there is a storm coming."
I helped him secure the horses in their stalls, and calm them down.  By the time we had them settled, we could hear a strong wind rattling the tin shingles of the barn. As I opened the barn door to head up to the house, the wind caught it and blew it out of my hand.  Jeremy heard the door bang against the side of the barn along with my scream of surprise, and before I knew it was pressed up against me as we struggled with the barn door. It felt like someone was hurling buckets of ice water at us, as a mixture of rain and hail began to fall.  We finally got the door closed, and Jeremy pulled the crossbar down to latch it. 
The horses were kicking at their stalls once again.  The staccato of the ice and rain against the tin roof, accented by the cracks and rumble of thunder outside made it almost impossible to hear. We both continued to work at keeping the horses calm, until finally the noises of the storm outside began to die down.  The temperature in the barn had dropped by at least twenty degrees, and I began to shiver.  I suddenly realized it had also become very dark within the old wooden structure, when I stubbed my toe on something.
"Shit," I exclaimed, "I can't see anything."
"Oh my God," I heard Jeremy exclaim, "neither can I."
I felt him put his arm around my waist as we laughed, and could feel him shivering, as well. Although the storm had died down, a steady rainfall could still be heard.
"You’re soaking wet." Jeremy noticed, and began guiding me through the barn with his arm still around my waist.  I could tell we were moving in the direction of his room at the back of the barn.  When we got to the room, he opened the door and led me over to the small twin-size bed.
"Take of your clothes and sit on the bed.”
"I never thought you'd ask," I joked as I did what he had instructed.  I had been here many times, and fantasized about being naked in this room with him almost daily.  It added to my excitement to realize in this darkness I was almost as blind as him. Somehow, it equalized us even more.
These days, my dick seemed to stay hard all the time, and it was so rigid, at that moment, it was almost painful.  I shuddered as he sat beside me.  The brush of his bare flesh against my own was almost more that I could take as he wrapped a wool blanket around us.  He scooted close against me, and I could feel the hardness of his muscles and the softness of his skin at every point where it contacted mine.  I shuddered again as precum wet the tip of my cock.
"Are you still cold?" he asked as he tightened the blanket around us.
I could not answer.  Words would not form behind the sudden cotton like feeling drying my mouth.  I bravely reached out my hand under the blanket and felt for warmest spot between Jeremy's legs.  He was hard as well.  He whimpered as I traced the great length of it with my fingers, and groaned when I wrapped my hand around its base.
"No one has ever touched me there before," he said in almost a whisper.
I was still shivering from head to toe, but I wasn't cold any longer.  I refused wait for another opportunity.  In one quick move, I dropped down to the saddle blanket on the dirt floor that served as a rug, spread his knees apart and buried his cock within my hungry mouth.  It was clumsy and quick, but I will never forget that first and last taste of Jeremy Felts.  My own dick spasmed and spattered the floor.  As we simultaneously exploded in his room, there was a huge cracking noise from the front of the barn.  I wondered if a tornado had hit as I was violently ripped up from between Jeremy's legs.
I only realized my eyes had been shut, when I opened them to see my brother, Jason's, angry face.  It was he who had grabbed me and pulled me away from Jeremy.  He now tossed me to the dirt floor. The storm had apparently passed, because moonlight came through the shattered doors, lighting the entire barn.
"Get your ass up to the house!" Jason yelled.
I knew that neither my brothers nor my father had ever liked me, but in that moment, I saw hatred in Jason's eyes.  I scrambled to my feet and looked back toward Jeremy's room.  I saw a glimpse of my oldest brother Colton through the door, heard Jeremy scream, a loud thump, and then silence.  Like a coward, I turned and ran from the barn.  I did not run home.  I ran straight to Uncle Jamie's.