Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to lose my Wednesday Briefs' virginity.  I hope you enjoy the post which follows, and will check out the other members posting this week.  See the list at the end of my post.

The prompts for this week:  "How can you look me in the eye and say...?" or use silk in an original way or use: candy, blossom, serenity or "I knew you were the one when..." or "Hold on there, I'm no..." or "When we were young..." or use a peacock in your tale.

Bane (1)

What the hell was I thinking?  Truth be told, I wasn't thinking.  I was reacting.  Sure, moments before I had been deep in thought, but the moment I saw him nothing else seemed to matter.
Like so many other summer afternoons, I left the house in my jeep and headed down to the quarry.  Stripping off my clothes, I jumped into the cool water and swam to the familiar outcropping of rocks on the far side.  I climbed onto my favorite boulder, and immediately the sun began to suck the moisture from my skin as it further darkened my tan.  I lay there counting the days until I would never see this quarry or this town ever again.  Two weeks ago I finally graduated from the small high school in this small town, and in just a few weeks I would leave for college and never look back.
That was when I heard the roar of the motorcycle as it skidded on the gravel and came to a stop.  At first I was surprised.  Everyone knew my grandfather owned this property, along with most of the town, and no one was stupid enough to set foot on it uninvited.  My uncles and cousins would sometimes fish here at night, but it was the middle of the afternoon.  This was my time.  I am the only one who ever comes here at this time.  I raised up to look over the rocks, and that was when I saw him.
He had apparently driven in on the old access road, and could not see me or my jeep from his side of the quarry.  He was tall and slender, with dark brown hair that fell just below his shoulders.  I would soon discover, that same brown hair also spread across his broad chest and down the center of his defined abdomen. He removed his black t-shirt and threw it across the seat of his bike.  The black leather boots were the next to go, quickly followed by the well-worn jeans.  Within seconds, he stood naked on the shore.  I ducked behind the rock as his eyes scanned the quarry, and dared not look up again until I heard the splash of him entering the dark water.
After a few moments, I looked up again, he was nowhere to be seen.  I scanned the surface of the water, but there was no sign of him anywhere.  Great, he hit his head on something and drowned.  It was too nice an afternoon to deal with this.  I stood up on the rock, where I could see the entire quarry. I did not see the strange man anywhere, but his motorcycle and clothes still sat in the gravel by the old entryway.  The water below my perch was still and quiet.  Its silken surface glistened in the sunlight and only occasionally rippled when tickled by the wind. 
I came around the rocks that had screened me from his view and scanned the entirety of the quarry.  I was just preparing to dive in, when I heard a deep, soft voice behind me.
"Nice ass."
Thankfully I don't startle easily, or I probably would have fallen into the water.  Instead I slowly turned, allowing him plenty of time to admire my smooth, tan body.  "You do realize you are on private property."
"I didn't see any signs." He boldly announced, as he made no attempts to hide scanning me from head to toe.  The thickening of his cock was obviously more than just the effects of coming out of the icy waters of the quarry into the warm sunlight.
"We have no need for signs," I informed him. "Everyone within a hundred miles of here knows not to venture onto Connor property."
"Obviously, I'm not from around here. I will leave if you want me to."
I moved slowly toward him.  The water that had not yet evaporated in the sun's heat sparkled in his hair.  I suddenly had an urge to lean forward and lap it up from the crevice between his muscled pecs.  Instead I reached down and took his dick into my hand.  It jumped at my touch, and he quickly backed away putting up both hands.
"Whoa there little pup.  I've already trespassed today.  I don't think it would be a good idea to add statutory rape to the list."
"Hold on there, I'm no child, and I'm definitely not some innocent little virgin."  I moved toward him once again, steering him toward the rocks and no escape.  "I turned eighteen two months ago, and you don't look much older than me."
"I'm twenty-one." He replied to my unasked question.  I could hear excited nervousness in his voice as he realized I had backed him up between two rocks with only the steep bluff behind him.
I moved in close, placing my finger gently on his full pink lips and whispered.  "You're on my grandfather's property now.  It's time to take you punishment like a man."
The next thing I heard come from that beautiful mouth was a gasp as I knelt down in front of him.

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  1. Nothing like getting straight to the point...or straight to the dick. He's a pushy one for sure. Hmm, I'm liking the sound of the biker. Totally my type. I hope he stands up to to cocky little pup. Lovely start

  2. Ooh, you incorporated virginity, or lack thereof, in there just as you popped yours. LOL. Welcome to the Briefers! I really liked the sensory element of this. It might not be deliberate, but I loved the stone background that went so well with your storyline. I hope to see more of these guys ... because I do so want to know what the motorcycling man was doing on Connor property and where he's headed after *I* pops off his cock and let's him go ... if he does!

  3. What a great chapter. Pulled me right in.

  4. I'm catching up and after reading this chapter, I am extra-disappointed you couldn't get back to them. This is an intriguing start!

  5. WOW this is HOT. I can't wait for more

    I read this week's before I read the beginning. I'm all caught up now :D