Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This weeks prompts:  "Are you hung enough?" or "crazy in love" or use a pickle or have a character dye his or her hair, or "I'll roast you over an open flame if you..." or make a Queen reference or use a lap dance or "desperately seeking... "; or use: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (without singing Scarborough Fair lol) or use: "Two's company, but three's..."

There was a glimmer of fear and surprise in Bane's eyes, but it only lasted a moment.  His eyes were the only feature that seemed clear to me in the moonlight coming through the windows of the room.  He finally laughed along with me.  His laughter, however, seemed forced and insecure.
"I'm sorry," I quickly stammered.  "I didn't mean to laugh at you.  I just never had anyone howl at me while having sex before."
"Don't worry about it," he assured me as he leaned back on the headboard and chuckled almost to himself.  "That's just how we do things here in the Gorge." 
I detected that look of fear in his eyes again, but this time it was accompanied by sadness rather than surprise.  I decided it was time to change the subject.  I crawled up his naked body, hovering over him and kissed his full lips once again, feeling myself immediately aroused by his touch.
"I was going to try to find you tomorrow," I said, forcing myself to break the warm wet contact of our mouths, and sat and straddling him.  I could feel his own flesh growing once again as it rose to meet the cleft of my ass.  "I'm glad you found me first."
"Me too," he replied.  The youthful sparkle was returning to his eyes
"I've been curious about your name since you first told me what it was," I ventured.  "I've never known anyone named Bane.  Doesn't Bane mean poison or killer?  Why would parents give that name to a child?"
"My father gave me that name, because he has always blamed me for my mother's death," he explained quietly, and I felt his hardness break a little as his flesh pulled away from mine.  "She died the night I was born."
"I'm sorry."  I felt stupid for asking.  It seemed like every question I asked was like walking through a minefield.
"Don't be sorry," he smiled again.  "It is what it is.  I wish my mother had not died, but as much as I hate to admit it, I find some satisfaction in knowing it hurt and continues to hurt my father."
"That's kind of harsh."  I was once again surprised by this young boy’s bluntness.
"You haven't met my father,” was his simple reply.
Once again, I tried to move the conversation what I thought would be a more neutral subject. "So Mr. Bane Connor, tell me about your Gorge.”
"Trust me, it is not my Gorge," he began somewhat defensively.  "My family may own most of the area, and the town may bear my family name, but it’s not mine.  Sometimes I feel like it owns me more than I own any of it.  That is why I am so ready to get out of here."
"You're eighteen, why don't you just leave?" I asked.
"I just turned eighteen, and it’s not as easy as just leaving.  I started talking about leaving for college a few months ago, and my father told me,  'I'll roast you over an open flame if you ever try to leave.'"
"I've heard of strict parents, but that’s a little extreme," I told him genuinely concerned for this kid.  I was suddenly overcome with a need to protect him, and to get him out of this place no matter what I had to do.
"My entire family is extreme," he stated, but then quickly added, "except my Uncle Jamie.  Uncle Jamie is the only Connor I have ever heard of who has escaped this valley, but even he couldn't stay away forever.  He is trying to help me get out too."
"I'd like to meet your Uncle Jamie."
"I don't think there will be time for you to meet him.  You need to get out of here tomorrow." He informed me, the fear creeping back into his eyes.
"Why does everyone in this town want me to leave?" I asked.  "The hotel manager, who is a little creepy by the way, would only let me have the room for two days.  He made up some excuse about renovation, but it is obvious this place has not been renovated for years."
"Connor's Gorge is no place for outsiders.  It is too long of a story, and one I can't really tell. Just promise me you will leave tomorrow." He looked as if he could start crying at any moment.
"I will make you a deal." I countered, as I ground my ass into his crotch.  "If you will spend the entire day and night with me tomorrow, I will leave first thing the next day.
Bane looks out the window toward the hills, but then he smiles and looks deeply into my eyes.  "Okay, but you have to leave first thing the next morning."
"I will," I promised, unsure if it was a promise I would be able to keep.

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